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Overview The University of California is a public university located in California, United States. It was first established in 1968, and today, it boasts of 10 campuses, a total population of approximately 239,000 students, 1.6 million graduates (who are currently alive), 19,700 faculty members and 136,000 administrative staff. A brief history of University of California UC was officially established on 23rd March 1868, when Gov. Henry Haight signed the Organic Act into law. In September 1873, the Berkeley campus was officially opened by Daniel Gilman, the university’s second president. During the same year, Toland Medical College (found in San Francisco) also became a campus of UC. Hastings Law College became University of California’s law school in the year 1878. 66627-004-6CB02D96Several years later (in 1919), the university’s campus in Berkeley merged with California State Normal School, and was thus renamed UC Southern Branch. Today, it’s known as UCLA. In 1944, the former State College of Santa Barbara became a campus of this university, and was therefore named UC Santa Barbara. Fifteen years later, the legislature created two more campuses for the university; UC Riverside and UC Davis. In 1949, a ranch that had been donated by Will Kellogg was transformed into California State Polytechnic University, which was under the auspices of University of California. The university’s campus in San Diego was initially established as a marine station in the year 1912. Forty-seven years later, the marine station officially became one of the university’s campuses.44-ucla_5rf

In 1965, UC established two more campuses at Irvine and Santa Cruz. The Merced Campus is the latest, and was established in 2005. According to the California Master Plan (1960), The University of California must only admit undergraduate students from the top 12.5 % of high school students in California. Before the promulgation of this Master Plan, the university used to admit the top 15% of high school students in California. Since its inception, UC has produced the following; five Field Medals Recipients, 106 members of the prestigious Institute of Medicine, 19 Fulbright Scholars, 38 Nobel Laureates, 25 MacArthur Fellows, 91 members of the renowned National Academy of Engineering and 250 members of the celebrated National Academy of Sciences. Since its establishment, the university has been governed by 23 different presidents. The current president of UC is Janet Napolitano.

uc_sys_05_redo[1]Students Profile University of California has students from a wide range of racial and ethnic backgrounds, such as; Asians (Filipinos, East Asians and Pakistanis), Native Americans, Blacks, Non-Hispanic Whites and Hispanics (including Chicanos and Latinos). Campuses The university offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in the following campuses; ü UC Berkeley (founded in 1868) ü UC Santa Cruz (1965) ü UC Davis (1908) ü UC Santa Barbara (1909) ü UC Irvine (1965) ü UC San Francisco (1873) ü UC Los Angeles (1919) ü UC San Diego (1960) ü UC Merced (2005) ü UC Riverside (1954) Medical Centers The University of California has five medical centers which are tasked with providing support for clinical teaching programs, specialized medical care and development of new therapies.

They are; UC Davis, UC San Francisco, UC Irvine, UC San Diego and UCLA. National Labs UC actively manages 3 national laboratories for the United States’ Department of Energy; Lawrence Berkeley, Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore. Other locations Apart from the 10 campuses mentioned above, the university has a presence in other locations such as; UC London, UC Washington, the Education Abroad Program, UCSF, UC Center Sacramento, UCR Palm Desert and UC Hastings Law College.

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